The Speedball Textbook

Recomend any and all editions. Available in most hobby stores and Art Central in San Luis Obispo. Online from John NealBookseller.

Favorites from my bookshelf are listed below. Recommended reading for reference, review and inspiration. Start collecting books written by the lettering artists included in the Speedball Textbook series. 


Art Central Art Supply & Gallery

1329 Monterey Street, San Luis Obispo  805-747-4200

Paper & Ink Arts

John Neal Bookseller

Dick Blick

Writing & Illuminating & Lettering

Edward Johnston

The father of western calligraphy resurgence.

Door Posts

Timothy Botts

Inspirational combination of image and lettering. Numerous styles of lettering and composition. 


Conferences and Retreats


2018 International Calligraphy Conference

July 14-21, 2018 Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington

Letters California Style

Kellog West Conference Center

February 2019 dates to be determined

Pomona, California

Jake Weidmann's Art in Denver Train Depot

Join a local guild or regional organization

Southern California Society for

Search online for a local guild or society near you. I can't say enough about joining a like minded group of lettering artists and admirers of calligraphy. One conference and/or retreat will introduce you to a life-long love of handmade letters.


International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwritiing

John Stevens is a talented calligrapher and designer.

Visit Jake Weigmann's site. Jake is a certified

Mater Penman.

Yours truly spotted Jake Weidmann's art inside

the lobby of The Crawford Hotel, Denver Union


Mira Calligraphiae Monumenta

A 16th century manuscript from the J Paul Getty Museum Collection, it's all been done before!

Modern Calligraphy & Hand Lettering

Lisa Engelbrecht

The latest in fun and funky lettering on all surfaces.

The Universal Penman

Engraved by George Bickham, 1743

Dover Publications, my go to reference for Copperplate Script and flourishing.


The Art of Calligraphy

David Harris

Wonderful exemplars and stroke sequence samples.

The Anatomy of Letters

Charles Pearce

Broad edge alphabets and sample text pages.

Mary Lou Johnson

Scribe Artist of the Written Word

John Stevens

The premier lettering artist of Western calligraphy, John Stevens, has written his thoughts and ideas on the craft and art of hand lettering.