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  Bounce Calligraphy

Bounce Class Photo_edited.jpg

 One Day Class at ArtSocial
Saturday May 4th
10 am to 3 pm
Lunch Included
ArtSocial805 Creative Campus
3340 Ramada Drive, Paso Robles

Introduction to brush calligraphy based on Cursive Handwriting. Learn the basics of this informal with brush pens. All materials, pens, guide sheets and booklet included. Be the boss of this style with thicks and thins in each letter.

Enroll online at

Text Mary Lou 805-441-3246 or email for more information.

Speedball Textbook 25th Edition.jpg



Great examples of pointed pen

lettering in this edition of the

Speedball Textbook

Best book for beginners: Speedball Textbook

Available in Art Central, Michaels or your favorite art store. 

Books for lettering ideas and inspiration​​

  • Scribe: Artist of the Written Word by John Stevens. 

  • Modern Calligraphy & Hand Lettering by Lisa Engelbrecht. 

  • The Zanerian Manual of Alphabets and Engrossing Zaner-Blosser. My favorite exemplars for Copperplate/Roundhand

  • The Anatomy of Letters by Charles Pearce 

Online Calligraphers to follow










YouTube Channels

Calligraphy Masters

OpeninkStand Art & Calligraphy

Abhay Calligraphy

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