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Q: What is cost for hand lettering wedding Envelopes?

-Basic prices are for black ink, $5 set up fee for color
- priced as single envelopes or a set (with inner and outer envelopes)

-Monoline Cursive (bottom sample)
       Single is $2 per envelope, Set is $3

-Italic or Uncial Broad Edge (top sample)
       Single is $3 per envelope, Set is $4

-Copperplate Script with pointed pen (middle sample)
       Single is $4 per envelope, Set is $5

Q: How much lead time is needed for addressing envelopes?

Generally, 2-week lead time is needed to letter envelopes. Longer lead time for wedding suite design. Quote available on request. Generally wedding invitations are mailed out 6 weeks before the ceremony which means the envelopes need to be ready prior to mailing with additional time for assembling or stuffing the invitations.

Please supply list in word format on 4 lines with each addressee identified by number or listed alphabetically for easy reference.
1st line-- Mr and Mrs Alex Jones
2nd line-- 123 Main Street
3rd line-- Any Town, California
4th line--- zip code

Q: What does it cost for hand lettered place cards?

Client provided stock, $1 each
Escort cards, $2 for set

Q: Pricing for certificates?

I can fill in certificates for you, $15 set up fee, each line is $3

Q: Do you teach calligraphy?

I love to share tips and techniques for lettering several different script styles. I offer classes at Art Central in San Luis Obispo and individual instruction starting at $30 per hour.

Q: Original illustrations

Starting at $75 per hour, call for quote

Q: Can you hand letter poems or personal commissions?

Based on text provided, there is a $15 set up fee with lettering charge of $2 per line (lines average 8 words) Call for quote

Q: Where is your studio?

My studio is located in San Luis Obispo, open by appointment M - F by appointment

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